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Our history

IDI Integratori Dietetici Italiani was founded on 1997 from Dr. Pietro Bottino’s insight. It starts its activity with formulation and releasing into the market of innovative specialties, with their unique technology. They are focused on contrasting the damaging action of radical species which provide oxidative stress and several pathologies.

Since the beginning. IDI focused its activity on three differents fields:



In 1997, the new born company IDI, addresses its activity to male infertility with Spermagin®.

In 2003 and 2004 it launches into the market two more products: Fertiplus® and Spergin® Q10 double layer.

In 2007 the company addresses to female infertility with FT500®, which confirms the initial intuition of Idipharma about the application of antioxidants against infertility.

At the end of 2010 the need of innovation that characterize Idipharma, permits to launch into the market two other products for male infertility:Spergin® Q10 triple layer and Spergin® Forte.

In 2011, apart from consolidating Spergin as leader on male infertility products, IDI also launches into the market a new version of FT500, now named as Plus thanks to the addition of Myo­Inositol.


In 2004, IDI extends its research to urology, launching into market Idiprost®, the first Food supplement with Serenoa Repens and antioxidants, used on BPH treatment (benign prostatic hypertrophy).

In 2008 the innovative attitude of IDI, permits to present the new Deprox® 500 to the medical class: an useful product against prostatitis with Flower Pollen Extract, an active ingredient for which IDI has got the italian exclusive for the efficient dosage.

The insight for Flower Pollen use against prostatitis has been confirmed after the addition of Deprox® 500 into EAU guidelines.

At the end of 2012 a new product has been launched: Idiprost Gold®, which contributes to the improvement of BPH/LUTS cases associated with ED.



In 1998, IDI proposes itself to gynecological world developing the first pregnancy Food supplement: NUTRIMAMMA®.

In 2001 it extends its gynecological line with its new medical devices: Normo­Vagin® (douching and vaginal tablet) and Lenigin® (cream and vaginal suppository).

In 2009 gynecological research permits to present a new product to the Medical class: Duocist®, with Hibiscus Sabdariffa, an innovation for cystitis treatment.

In 2011 IDI launches into market Clositol®, for women with PCOS.

In 2014 born Tiagin, an innovative medical device with international patent. It is recommended for adjuvant treatment for vaginitis/vaginosis. At the end of 2014 Tiagin was presented even as gynecological foam for vulvar discomfort.

In 2015 IDI develops Nutrimamma® DHA, with BioPure DHA® and folic acid; the first nutritional supplement in chewable pills, recommended for the first trimester of pregnancy. Its innovative formulation permits to ensure a nutritional supplement 100% natural, with no fish taste and a good aftertaste.

A further particularity of our company is the presence in the whole country of 45 pharmaceutical representatives.

Our next target is to sell our products abroad: we will pursuit this new idea as we always do, with passion, professionalism and competence.

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About us

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